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TTL HSS Outdoor Flash

Cononmark K4TEX

Category:TTL HSS Outdoor Flash

Features: K4TEX is the only 400w mini outdoor light which with Canon, Nikon, Sony , Pentax , Fujifilm system in one flash on the world. 1. Due to high speed sync, the k4T can support the whole-progress sync, the fastest can be 1/8000s, which can capture the fact-paced action; 2. K4T owns 5 steps strobeoscopic, it allows more creativity; 3. With 1GBT digital circuit, 8 stops of output power(1/1-1/8), K4T can perfect surpress the sunlight or give an adom at high F-numbet. Its TTL exposure is adjustable to +/-3 EV steps; 4. One-click switch the system by ABC trigger, Manual Mode/ Auto Mode to flexible control the output; 5. LI-ion Battery can support 650 times at full output after one full charged.

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K4TEX  Parameter
Model K4TEX
Power 400Ws
M Mode ( Power sdjusting ) 1/1-1/128(±1/3EV),Support 1/8000s HSS
TTL Mode( Auto HSS ) Exposuer compensation
Compatible Cameras of TTL Auto identity Canon,Nikon,Sony,Fuji,Pentax camera systems
Compatible Cameras of HSS
Aperture F ( 48 reflector ) F45
Flash Duration ( t0.5)   450th - 20000th
Wrieless remote reciever Built-in
Wrieless signal receiving distance 50m
ID Channel 9
Personnal ID setting  00-99 ( 100 in total )
Sysnc-flash voltage DC5V
Sync methods Wrieless trigger,Photosensitive receiver,Sync cable
Color temperature 5500K ± 200K
Auto color temperature correction system Yes

LED modelling light

( Brightness adjustable from 10%-100%)

800LM, 4200K
Recycle time  0.2s-3.2 s
Recycle Notification tone Yes (On/Off)
Overheat protection Yes
Dimension Length: 140mm Diameter: 90 mm
Net weight 0.999 kg(battery Not included)
Battery Property Li-ion battery, 6000mAh (66.6Wh)
Voltage 11.1V
Full power output flash times(5s/t) Approx. 650 times
Charging time Approx 4 hours(Only with the original charger)
Overheat protection Yes (70°C)
Size / Weight 43mm ×102mmx155mm / 0.85kg

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