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Congraduations! Cononmark i6T EX outdoor lamp Announcement successd.

Author:Shenzhen Cononmark Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd.issuing time:2017-12-14 16:43:11Views:5507SML

January 3, 2016, Cononmark company in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel released its own independent research and development of new fear lamp i6T EX.
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January 3, 2016, Cononmark company in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel released its own independent research and development of new fear lamp i6T EX.
i6T EX lamp, the lamp body with integrated design, 600w high power, light body plus battery only 1.8KG, very convenient, power upgrade at the same time more powerful functions.
Fast flash mode, all-optical 1s fast call back
TTL, high-speed synchronization, Canon, Nikon, Sony free to switch
High-energy proprietary automatic color temperature correction system, so that color temperature, as always, stable and accurate
1500 lumens LED modeling lights, with four optional modes to easily meet the photographer's various shooting needs

Conference the same day, Wuzhou Hotel International Conference Hall packed, 300 friends gathered together.
Pui Lan goods teacher, Portrait version of the hummingbird version of TOM teacher, Hong Kong star photographer Lawrence Mai Jinhong visit the scene
There are major photographers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, webmasters also participated in the day of the conference.
Press conference is 2:00 pm, less than a little less than a afternoon there are many photographer came to the scene sign. Photographers, high energy are registered to prepare a beautiful 2016 desk calendar.

Host announced the conference began, introduced the i6T EX high-energy external lights and guests present.

At first, teather Beilan made a wonderful lecture, to share the experience of shooting his own environment portrait.

Lawrence Mak Kam Hong Hongkong star photographer detailed the i6T EX main features and scene with high-energy i6T EX cloth lamp for shooting, and live on the big screen display for everyone to see.

The photo by photographed on the sence, did it look excellent?

The CEO of Cononmark Mr.Que announced high-energy i6T EX external fear of light officially released.

Press conference also took out a second and third prizes, awards i6T EX lamp was photographed away by a female photographer, congratulations to you winning movie Friends.

Of course, there are photographers at the conference beauty model, to the point of the day of the briefing.

Beautiful models in the conference site to show high-energy i6T EX lamp

To come up with the first essentials, must be close, must be near!

With all available venues, beauty models are also very dedicated

SONY camera with Cononmark ABC remote control

Many photographer attended 

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