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Cononmark USA studio flash kit


Features: 2* USA350/USA450 studio flash 2*2.6m light stand 1*33" white and black reflector 1* AC-16 trigger ​ 1* Carrying bag

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1. Classic style of round shape, Aluminum Alloy shell, multilayer PCB Board, large capacity and high voltage capacitor, the total power output up to about 300W, 2 Seconds recycling; 5500k color temperature flash tube, ceramic E27 screw socket lamp cap for continuous light bulb, small in size, approximately 29cm long x 20cm wide, net weight is only about 1.55kg (not including reflector and light bulb);
2. With standard metal Bowens bayonet, equipped with a special handle, and a standard hot shoe mount. The holder body made of Aluminum Alloy materials, built-in umbrella hole of 8mm in diameter, bottom hole compatible with light stand heads of less 15.8mm;

3. Studio flash panel integrates multiple functions, including: Stepless adjusted knob, can control the power output of 1/1--1/8; Optical control switch of three grades, respectively for high sensitivity, low sensitivity and off; Buzzer switch of three grades, respectively for BB, B, and off; Power input port, support voltage AC210V-230V/50-160Hz, built-in 5A fuse; The test button is used to detect the working state of studio flash; Sync port, can be connected with 6.35mm plug to accept SYNC signal; Power switch, used to control the power supply of the whole device; Three modes switch, respectively control the low brightness on/off and high.

Model NO.  USA350/USA450
Use voltage AC210V-230V 50HZ 16HZ
Sync input 6.35mm
Max output power 350Ws/400Ws
Color temperature 5500±200K
Overheat protection Yes
Power adjustment Stepless
Power range Full 1/1-1/8
Modeling lamp  E27
Modeling lamp brightness 2 steps
Recyling time  2s/2.5s
Recycling ready indicator Green
Recycling Buzzer Yes(BB/B)
Recycling Buzzer Yes
Fuse 5A
Flash size Length:18cm  Diameter:12cm
Flash weight 1.7KG

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