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Cononmark AH studio flash kit


Features: 2* AH40mini studio flash 2*2.6m light stand 1*33" white and black reflector !* HS trigger ( HSS 1/8000s) ​ 1* Carrying bag

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1. Ultra-speedy recycling , 0.2-2.5s recycling time ;

2. M-mode , achieving 1/8000s high-speed sync , need add Cononmark HS-trigger,
   Compatible with Nikon or Canon Cameras ;
3. Power range from 1/128 to 1/1 , when the power adjust 1/3EV , 22 steps;
4. High qualified LED modeling lamp, 30W output adjustable for 10 steps. 
Outstanding output stability, less than 2% shifts when under the same output;
5. High color stability, ranging within ±200k (stable mode) between flashes over the entire power range
    Built-in HS system (2.4G transmission);
6. Modeling lamp included two models : continue bright  or automatic off  ;

7. Light weight , only 1.5 kg .

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